She was under the street lamp and the light upon her attracted me. She seemed disoriented, doubting. When I passed her, she asked me “Son, do you know where there is a pharmacy?”. She needed her medicine but she was alone and had nobody to make her the errand. We walked slowly to the nearest pharmacy. She said, “Thanks, do not worry about me, I’ll be able to return alone.”


19 thoughts on “Alone.

    • Thanks, Mike!! I talked to her and she told me that a young lady, provided by the social services, is three hours by day to cook and help her with the housework. But, law of life, what she missed were her friends who, one after another, had died. Her children live away from Madrid, they phone her each day, but it’s not the same. She felt truly alone.

    • Maybe… but I mostly think about them. They deserve to rest and enjoy their life. They have already served to the society and now we must protect them.

  1. Ah, cities… people are there alone… Not like to be in a village. In a village everybody knows each other and no one can be alone… But in these big cities… But how nice, there are still some amazing and kindfull people. Like you dear Santi. First of all this part hit me.

    And wonderful street photograph but this time you are in this story too… 🙂

    Thank you, have a nice day, with my love, nia

      • Well sadly that is not the case . Last year I was watching a news station and they showed 2 instances in NY where a homeless man was stabbed and bleeding to death and people walked right over him.

        Another scenario was where a woman was getting mugged and a regular citizen came upon the situation and the woman got away. Sadly the hero got stabbed in the altercation and he was on the ground and people just walked around him.

        Your post shows that there are still a few people that still people still have compassion for strangers but I do not believe this to be the norm!!!

      • Really sad. 😦 But I still believe that new generations will change this (if not, we can close the door of this planet and throw the key).

  2. Santi, the photo is nice, the story…amazing! but…i can’t feel what you say looking the lady form behind…maybe changing position…i don’t know…I said what i felt when i saw the photo without reading

    • Thanks, Emiliano!!! I really appreciate your comment because, for me, this is one of the reasons for sharing (to learn). And yes, I agree with you. The photo would have been better if I had captured her face. Probably the trouble is that I’m really shy and I don’t like to be noticed. When I saw her face she asked me and I couldn’t shot her. And, consequently, the image doesn’t evoke the story.

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