Nature’s arch.


Yellow sunset (with mosquitoes).


Zurich Airport (III). Ups & downs.

Moving, crossing, going up and down looking for our destination, our fate. Our feelings and expectations move up and down through escalators that bring us to another level. Up to the sky or down to the hell. Ups and downs in this closed universe where we move changing our presence like electrons moving into the atom (hell, I’m scientist and I couldn’t resist the analogy!!!).BA_Ups_&_Downs_1 BA_Ups_&_Downs_2

Zurich Airport (II). Expecting.

Movement is a feature of the airport. Comings and goings. Enter and exit. But waiting is the other side.

Waiting for our flight to depart, waiting for the ones that we expect, waiting with a feeling of being lost in a world that doesn’t stop.

We stop in the middle of paths of bodies that flow in every direction, we see the waves of movement pushing us and we want to find our rocky shelter where we could rest safe, without moving until we can see a lighthouse that will point our route.

Like Ulysses, we wait into the movement to find our Ithaca.BA_Expecting_1 BA_Expecting_2

Zurich Airport (I). Crossing stories.

Some hours in the airport are enough time to explore that universe. People moving at different levels, crossing paths looking for gates, light and shadow. A lot of stories sharing a single space but most times unnoticed. Travellers, rush, bags, those who wait and those who leave. Some waiting for the beloved ones, for friends or a colleague. Some leaving for holidays, work… Lines that cross without being aware of the many stories running around them. A perfect place for someone wanting to imagine what’s going on.BA_Crossing_1 BA_Crossing_2

Bern in colour (V). People.

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